Alaric Ong


First business: Healthy food delivery business. Sealed a deal with DBS bank where they sent emails to 10,300 of their staff to advertise for us. He also got a dietitian from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to endorse his food. 

Second business: Entrepreneurship platform. Built a team of 140 people in 10 months. Sold everything from tailor-made shirts, to cordyceps, personal development courses, health products, maids, and even electricity.

Third business: Sales and marketing agency. Helping businesses to find ways to increase their sales. Clients are from a range of industries: Hotels, Wellness, Beauty, Financial products, Network marketing and others

Fourth business: A 6 Figure Ecommerce business selling cosmetics

Fifth business: Coaching and seminar business. Right now, he runs a Coaching and Seminar Business where he has built the largest Facebook Marketing community in Singapore with more than 1200 paid students. Starting this business without any capital, he grew it to over $1 million in sales in the first 18 months. 

Alaric Ong with the World's number 1 wealth coach
Sharing the stage with JT Foxx in front of 3500 people at
National Achiever's Congress 2016


Alaric's vision is to create "A World Where Everyone Wins"
His mission is, “To empower people to become the best versions of themselves” 

This is why he constantly puts out content and conducts seminars to share his knowledge and add value to as many people as possible. 

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"Alaric, great to see all the success you are having in Singapore... Electrify the world bro, I'm watching you" - Grant Cardone 

Lifelong learner

Alaric's journey in personal development started when he was 9. In primary school, he started reading books like "Rich Dad Poor Dad", about the subconscious mind, business, spirituality, philosophy etc. In his teens, he started looking for mentors from seminars to guide him in his journey in entrepreneurship. To date, he has spent over SGD $90,000+ on attending seminars, coaching and masterminds to gain more knowledge.

Alaric Ong on Fox34

Business Networks

"The richest people in the world look for and build networks. Everyone else looks for work." 
- Robert Kiyosaki

George Ross

Former Right hand man of Donald Trump for 47 years and JT Foxx’s business coach

“You’re doing well in coaching. You’ve got a lot of people who bought your course which I find very impressive and you’ve also done a handful of businesses... you’ve got all the raw materials... you will be successful”

Richard Tan

CEO and Founder of Success Resources ($100 Million Personal Development Business)
Success Resources is arguably the largest seminar organiser in the world.
They hold over 500+ events a year in 30 different countries. They bring in the top speakers from all over the world like Tony Robbins, T harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Jay Abraham etc.
"We run over 500 events all over the world, and we are here talent scouting. And I think Alaric has great potential"

Mitch Carson, International Speaker

Spoken in 57 countries with over 36 years of speaking experience.
Mitch watched Alaric speak and said it was one of the best presentations he has ever seen.
He enrolled in Facebook Accelerator to learn how to market his own speaking events.

"36 years on the platform, after literally seeing thousands of speakers... Alaric Ong stands above the rest"

Alaric Ong with the minister for education in Singapore
Mr Ng Chee Meng, Minister for Education (Schools)
Former Chief of Defence Force (SAF)

Alaric Ong With Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, John Macgregor and JW Wilson
With Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, John Macgregor and JW Wilson
Alaric Ong with Richard Tan, Founder of Success Resources
With Richard Tan, Founder of Success Resources
The largest seminar organiser in the world.

alaric ong with terence cao guohui
With Terence Cao Guohui, Mediacorp Celebrity
Alaric Ong speaking at SMMS social media marketing summit 2020
Alaric Ong With Chinkee Tan, Filipino Chinese celebrity with 2 million followers on Facebook and 500k YouTube Subscribers
With Chinkee Tan, Filipino Chinese celebrity with 2 million followers on Facebook and 500k YouTube Subscribers

Alaric Ong speaking at social media marketing summit 2020 SMMS
Speaking at Social Media Marketing Summit 2020

Alaric Ong with JT Foxx
JT Foxx, World's Number 1 Wealth Coach

Alaric Ong with Lim Siong Guan
Mr Lim Siong Guan,
May 1978 to June 1981, Principal Private Secretary to former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew
1986 to 1994, Chairman of CPF Board
1999 to 2005, Head of Singapore Civil Service
2004 to 2006, Chairman of ACRA and IRAS
From October 2006 to June 2009 Chairman of the Economic Development Board
1 July 2009, Group President of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC)
alaric ong with aaron sansoni
Aaron Sansoni, the World’s Number 1 Sales Coach
Alaric Ong with Lane Matkovich from Shopify
With Lane Matkovich from Shopify
With Peng Joon, 8 Figure Online Entrepreneur
Alaric Ong with the mentor or mentors, Joel Bauer
Joel Bauer, The Mentor of Mentors
Persuasion Guru, Speaker Coach
Endorsed by Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Peng Joon, Bill Clinton and many other top speakers in the world

Alaric Ong with Mitch Carson
With Mitch Carson, The Instant Celebrity Maker

Alaric Ong with Mason Tan, Carl's Junior Franchisee
Mr Mason Tan, Carl's Junior franchisee (Singapore/Malaysia)
Alaric Ong with Ylona Garcia, Filipino Celebrity (2.1m followers on Instagram)
With @YlonaGarcia, Filipino Celebrity (2.1m followers on Instagram)
Alaric Ong with CEO of Groupon
With Adrian Tan, Country Head of Groupon Singapore
Alaric Ong with Derek Gehl
Derek Gehl, World Renowned Digital Entrepreneur
Alaric Ong with Mr Lee Woon Chiang
With Mr Lee Woon Chiang, Founder of Uncle Ringo
Alaric Ong with Real estate coach from America
Doug Clark, Real Estate Coach from America
Alaric Ong with Blair Singer
With Blair Singer, World Class Trainer
With Anik Singal, USD$20 million/year online business

Alaric Ong with English chess grandmaster
Mr Raymond Keene, Co-founder of World Memory Championship
English Chess Grandmaster

Tetsuya Inamura, made $2 Billion Yen in 9 years

Alaric Ong with his sales team
Team Apollo!

Alaric Ong, Facebook Expert
Certification from Facebook

Personal Life

Alaric Ong at MBS

Alaric Ong and his family
Alaric Ong with Veronica Tan, Founder of Rev 22
Outstanding Entrepreneur Award
Alaric Ong with his brother, Aaron Ong
Brother, a Buddhist monk in Thailand
Alaric Ong with his sister, Amelia Ong
Sister, a Catholic nun in Spain
Alaric Ong in Spain
Toledo, Spain
Alaric Ong in Gibraltar, Great Britain
Alaric Ong in Real Madrid, Spain
Real Madrid, Spain
Alaric Ong with his sister in Italy
Cinque Terre, Italy

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