Alaric Ong's Response to Lowyat Forum Review

I am writing this post in response to the forums about me. As of now, I believe there are only 3 forums. Hardwarezone, Reddit, Lowyat and a website called Foundscam. While Reddit and Hardwarezone threads were not referring to me, the Foundscam and Lowyat thread were written to intentionally defame me.




A fake website foundscam:


For Lowyat, it is written by this person called MD Gor Gor. Her real name is Angelica Chay Wai Kwan.

The event she went for was on 14 December 2019, but she decided to post the thread on 9 May 2020 (5 months later). 

That was actually the first time I organised a full day multi-speaker event with 6 speakers. Normally I only do my own 3 hour events where I am the only speaker. This was why I underestimated the time that all the other speakers actually need.

Therefore, I asked my event organiser to inform all the participants that the event will be extended and end at 8pm instead of 6pm.

Most of the participants were very happy that they would get more time to learn from the speakers, but Angelica was the only one who complained about the event ending later.

Angelica Chay MD gor gor on lowyat scam and review

MD Gor gor on Lowyat

When I researched further, I realised that she has this website, 

Angelica Chay MD gor gor on lowyat scam and review

After you opt in, you land on this page

Angelica Chay affiliate marketing

Which then redirects to this page after a few seconds. 
Angelica Chay review and scam

Upon looking at this, I realised she was doing an affiliate marketing strategy to get traffic called product reviews

There are white hat (legitimate) and black hat (illegitimate) ways to this strategy.

The normal white hat way to do it is to do a review of the product and inserting an affiliate link to ask people to click and go to that website to purchase it and earn affiliate commissions. 

The black hat method (the one that she used) is to intentionally say negative things about that product to get traffic from people who were searching for that product, and then introducing them to another affiliate product that you are promoting instead to leverage on the attention that the original product is getting. 

This way, whenever people search for my name and they see her post, she would get the traffic instead.

I tried to clarify this with her personally but she blocked me on WhatsApp.

Angelica Chay review and scam

I tried to reply to the thread, but she deleted my comment every time I replied. Apparently the person who posted the thread on Lowyat Forum can delete all the comments or replies on the thread.

Here is what I wanted to reply on the forum:

Dear MD Gor Gor,

I understand you went for an event on 14 December 2019 held in KL. Which was about 6 months ago.

First of all, I want to apologise for leaving an unpleasant experience for you.

Sorry that you have had bad experiences attending previous programmes.

Sorry for wasting your time.

Sorry for wasting your husband’s time to come to pick you up.

Sorry for sharing about what I’m passionate about, which is Facebook marketing to you.

Sorry for organising a free masterclass for you to attend.

Sorry for flying international speakers from UK, America, and Singapore to Malaysia to share knowledge with you for free

Sorry for selling to you.

To be honest, that was the first and last time I organise an event with 6 speakers because the logistics and costs to put together such an event is a huge nightmare. Normally I just do 3 hour events where I’m the only speaker.

After speaking to thousands of people, I understand that there would definitely be some people who get rubbed off the wrong way.

Also, sometimes competitors pay for people to leave negative reviews about other coaches. (Not saying that this post is)

I don’t normally post long posts, but I thought I would just write a quick one on what’s in my mind.

The coaching industry is an often misunderstood one. A lot of people have been scammed or cheated before and become sceptical of the next “guru” that comes into the market.

To be honest, there are many times that I’ve thought of stopping my coaching business. Because it is an industry that is the most closely related to being mistaken as a scam.

And I completely understand why people assume it to be that way because there’s no tangible product. The product is the result of the client.

When I sell coaching services, people are not buying my time, nor are they buying my content. What they are buying is a better version of themselves. My product at the end of the day, despite being invisible and untouchable, is the most valuable, because all human beings have a deep intrinsic need for growth.

After reaching hundreds of thousands of people with my ads, there would definitely be haters. There would definitely be people who are disappointed. There would definitely be competitors who get jealous.

I realised very early on in my coaching career, that that’s the price that I had to pay in order to add value and reach even more people.

For example, I have a property agent who made $80,000 in commissions 1 week after attending the course.

Insurance director who has recruited over 100+ people in his team

Or a 21 year old marketer who makes $12k/month

Network marketing leader who makes $100k/month.

And a 19 year old marketer who made $11.5k in the month of August.

For verifiable evidence:

(I put it there just in case another troll asks)

For those of you thinking of going into the coaching industry, it’s not as easy as you think it is.

I think it’s super important to have a compelling why.

For me, whenever I feel like calling it quits, I look at the results of my clients and it keeps me going.

Going for seminars has changed my life. I remember when I went for my first seminar when I was 16 years old, that was when I told myself that when I grew up I was going to be a speaker.

Every program that I’ve ever invested in has given me returns in many folds. And I think the best part is that it shortens my learning curve and allows me to achieve what others achieve in a fraction of the time.