Alaric Ong's Response to Reddit Forum Review

I am writing this post in response to the forums about me. As of now, I believe there are only 3 forums. Hardwarezone, Reddit, Lowyat and a website called Foundscam. While Reddit and Hardwarezone threads were not referring to me, the Foundscam and Lowyat thread were written to intentionally defame me.




A fake website foundscam:


For Reddit, there is a forum called "Singaporean Business Scammers".

This forum is not referring to me. It was referring to another trainer in Singapore. However, my name "Alaric Ong" was mentioned in one of the comments, and that caused the forum to appear whenever people search for my name. Due to the fact that forums have very high SEO ranking on Google, the page ranks on top. The original post was not referring to me, and it was just someone commenting my name.

The thread is referring to someone else, not me.

Someone then commented my name "Alaric Ong" in the thread. Asking if anyone has heard of me. 

This caused the forum to rank on Google when people search the name keyword "Alaric Ong".

The original post has since been deleted, but the comments are still there. (This explains why the forum is still ranked on google) I believe that trainer has filed lawsuits to get the post taken down. Most of the allegations made against that trainer were not 100% true anyway.

I cannot comment on the post to defend myself because it has already been deleted. 

Therefore, I have responded and asked real clients of mine to give their feedback and reviews of my training programs. These are real clients, who have actually attended my programmes. I believe that if a customer pays me, I have to make sure I deliver with a good product or service. But if they are not a paying customer, their vote does not count. Everyone has haters. However, if they have never even been through any of my training programmes before, the "reviews" of those haters do not count. 

Here is the link for the reddit post: