Alaric Ong's Response to Hardwarezone Forum Review

I am writing this post in response to the forums about me. As of now, I believe there are only 3 forums. Hardwarezone, Reddit, Lowyat and a website called foundscam. While Reddit and Hardwarezone threads were not referring to me, the Foundscam and Lowyat thread were written to intentionally defame me.




A fake website foundscam:


For Hardwarezone, there is this thread about forex / stock trading courses. I do not teach forex or stock trading. In fact, I don't even know how to do stocks or forex trading. I specialise in marketing and sales, which is completely different from trading. 

The forum is titled "Warning about stocks/forex guru trading courses in the market"

It is a thread with 229 pages, and my name "Alaric Ong" was mentioned in one of the comments on page 104. This comment caused the post to rank on Google whenever people searched "Alaric Ong".

This was what the comment said: 
"I've been watching a lot of Andrew Tan's videos on YouTube as I find his talking style to be very interesting, aka watch for entertainment, usually before bed.

Most of the people who sign up for his course are mostly 45 - 65 yrs old local Singaporeans. The ones below 45 are mostly foreigners from SE Asia (probably gullible and want to get rich fast).

Andrew Tan seems to know what he's doing ( is one of his business), but in his courses, I don't think he's teaching the audience the actual things they need to know to run something like that). His courses are introductory lessons for people totally new in ecommerce; he teaches the "tactics" instead of the true foundation of business/entrepreneurship.

Check out the video below of him and Alaric Ong:"