How to decide if something or someone is legitimate or a scam

Nowadays, there a ton of scams out there, especially in the coaching industry, and it becomes hard to tell who is legitimate and who is a scam. 

The market has become skeptical, and it is good that they are skeptical.

After investing over 6 figures in coaching, courses, masterminds and mentorship, I have developed a framework for deciding if a programe or a mentor is a scam or worth investing in.

Have I made an ROI from every single programme that I have invested in? Honestly... not all the time. There are some programmes that I have paid for which I did not get much value from as well.

However, I would say that at least 85% of the programmes that I have invested in have been valuable to me.

Therefore, I've come up with a framework whenever I make my decision about enrolling in any programme. Hopefully it helps you whenever you want to make a decision about buying a programme, product or service.

Step 1: Considering if it is the right fit for me at this stage in my life.
Most programmes are not for everybody. You have to look at the stage in your life before you decide whether the programme would be a good fit for you at this particular point in your life. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

If you commit to putting in the work, then most likely you would be able to get the value out of the programme.

Step 2: Looking at the reviews of past customers. If they have never been a customer before, their vote does not count.
A review from a customer should be worth 100 times more than a review from someone who has never been a customer before. 

In fact, a review from someone who has never been a customer before should not be counted at all. 

Nowadays, if you look at any product or service that is well known, there would definitely be haters and critics. It is part of the game. Take the coaching industry for example. Every single coach that has grown to a decent size definitely has haters. A lot of times, these haters are internet trolls who are jealous of the success of these coaches. If the coach doesn't have any haters yet, they probably have not grown big enough. 

Most of these trolls hang out in internet forums because they have nothing better to do, and 90% of the time, they are talking about negative things instead of spending their precious time in creating value and doing something productive.

If someone has never purchased the product or service before and made comments as an outsider, that vote should not be counted at all. This is why when I make a purchasing decision on whether to hire a coach to help me in my business, I don't waste any time looking at negative comments by outsiders. I would only consider comments made by buyers of the programme.

Even if they have attended a free preview before, that vote is still worth 100 times less than the review from a paying customer.

For example, you can see the reviews of hundreds of happy clients and students over here:

These are actual buyers of the programme, so only their vote should be counted.

Step 3: Looking at the results of past customers.
How has their transformation been. What kind of results have they achieved. 

Notice whether the name is censored from the testimonial. For example, for me, I normally put the full names of my clients because they are real results from real clients and I am not afraid of people verifying. 

Most other coaches censor the names of their clients because they are either 1) not legitimate testimonials (pictures can be photoshopped) 2) afraid of verification.

For me, I am proud of the achievements of my clients, and they are proud of themselves too!

You can also look at the number of testimonials and reviews they have. for example, if you look over here, you can see a collection of results of my clients:

I haven't posted most of them on my website yet because there are already hundreds of written reviews and testimonials. Nonetheless you can look at the Google drive folder to see the results that my clients in the programme are getting.

Step 4: Looking at the endorsements and the authority of the person giving the testimonial.
For example, in the business world, if someone is endorsed by a billionaire or millionaire, that endorsement means a lot. An authority figure wouldn't give a random stranger an endorsement. 

Look at the credibility of the person giving the testimonial. Most successful people would not just endorse anybody. They wouldn't stake their reputation on someone who is not proven.

Therefore, a testimonial from someone with credibility and authority is worth 1000 times more than a random stranger or outsider.

So far, I have been endorsed by 
  • Loren Ridinger: Co-Founder of Billion Dollar Companies: SHOP.COM and MARKET AMERICA
  • Richard Tan: CEO and Founder of Success Resources ($100 Million Personal Development Business)
    • Success Resources is arguably the largest seminar organiser in the world.
    • They hold over 500+ events a year in 30 different countries. They bring in the top speakers from all over the world like Tony Robbins, T harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Jay Abraham etc.
  • Grant Cardone (10X): Manages USD$1.8 Billion worth of Real Estate. Known as #1 Marketer of 2017 by Forbes. Hosted business conference with 30,000 attendees. Owns a private Jet.
  • Myron Golden: Two Comma Club X Award Winner (Made more than USD $10 million though ClickFunnels)
  • George Ross: Former Right hand man of Donald Trump for 47 years and JT Foxx’s business coach
  • JT Foxx: World's Number 1 Wealth Coach and $100 Million Business Mentor, Owning 57 different companies and brands
  • Henry Gold: 22 years of internet marketing experience and has built multiple million dollar businesses before. He is very established in the internet marketing space
  • Mitch Carson: International Speaker, Spoken in 57 countries with over 36 years of speaking experience
  • FBSIFU Brandon Lee and Adam Tan: Mandarin Speaking Facebook Marketing trainers.
  • Reeve Yew: Makes 6 figures a month running a Funnel Design Agency
  • Raghu Reddy: Sales Trainer
  • Marta Suchanek: Instagram model from Poland with 139k followers

  • Testimonials from Authority Figures: Worth 1000 times more
  • Testimonials from Actual Customers: Worth 100 times more
  • Statements from outsiders who went for a free preview: Worth 1 point.
  • Statements from outsiders who have never been a customer: Not worth anything.

Those are the 4 criteria that I look at when I decide whether to enrol in the programme or not. 

Hopefully these tips help! I trust that you would exercise your critical thinking skills and I hope that you will be able to find someone that you can resonate with and feel comfortable working with.

You do not need to choose to work with me. In fact, I only want to work with the people that are the right fit. 

Here's what I learnt after building a 7 figure business
1 Most people won’t do what it takes to make the type of money they want. They’ll talk about it and be in all the fb groups and post all the selfies. But when it comes down to it most are talk and will always be just talk.

2 Once you make the money you want, you’ll be vastly disappointed since it won’t fill any holes inside of you. Sadly, I did think money would make me happier, and it didn’t.

3 People won’t like you. The more you stand out, the more criticism and dislike it may draw. You’ll have to learn to be ok with this. Besides maybe Russell Brunson, everyone loves Russell haha.