Fox40 - Alaric Ong interviews the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Marcos Moura, JT Foxx, Grant Cardone, George Ross, Heartlyn Rae (5.7 Million on TikTok) & many other 6-, 7-, 8- & 9-figure entrepreneurs
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Interviewed 6,7,8 and 9 Figure Entrepreneurs

Marcos Moura

Amada Franchise Inc. ($120 Million/Year in Revenue)

Marcos Moura is the co-founder of Amada Franchise Inc., a $120 Million per year brand dedicated to enriching the lives of our rapidly aging population. 
Recognition for Amada Senior Care:
- "Top 10 Best New Franchises to Invest In" by Entrepreneur Magazine
- #245 on Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 Ranking
- Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies.
In 2020, Marcos was the recipient of the "Two Comma Club C" award by Clickfunnels co-founder Russell Brunson for grossing over $100MM.

Heartlyn Rae

5.7 million followers on TikTok

🌠 Heartlyn Rae grew from 0 to 5.7 million followers on TikTok and 148.9M likes in 8 months!! 
🌠 132.7k followers on Instagram 
🌠 Featured on Buzzfeed, Yahoo, AOL, TMZ and more… 
🌠 Julia Lynn and Alexis Rae 

Spectacular Smith

CEO of AdWizar, Celebrity with 1.2M on IG , Mastermind of Grumpy Cat (Worth $100 Million)

Spectacular Blue Smith (born September 7, 1986), known by his stage name Spectacular, is an American entertainer, keynote speaker, entrepreneur, television personality, author, and philanthropist. He is the Chairman and CEO of Adwizar Inc and founder of the record label Mula Music Group. Black Enterprise estimated his net worth is $65 million, making him one of the five most influential entrepreneurs at the intersection of music and tech, and is the creator of Grumpy Cat viral brand. Grumpy Cat viral brand is worth $100 million, the 2nd richest animal in history.

Finally, in both 2018 and 2019, Adwizar was named on the Entrepreneur 360 list of America’s Best Privately-Owned Companies. 

Today, in addition to Adwizar, he also runs the Spectacular Academy, a program educating aspiring entrepreneurs on how to build and scale thriving businesses. Students work closely with Smith’s carefully vetted millionaire mentors to build key relationships and expand their knowledge on a plethora of subjects. Programming is broken down into modules including wealth management, leadership, branding, mindset, business operations, marketing, social media, investment strategy and more. In just the two years since the academy’s inception, Smith’s students have collectively generated $36 million, and the program has yielded 17 millionaires.

JT Foxx

World's Number 1 Wealth Coach

$100 Million Business Mentor, Owning 57 different companies and brands

JT Foxx is the ultimate Millionaire Underdog. He is a successful serial entrepreneur with companies, brands and business interests spanning the globe. He is one of the top platform speakers in the world and has been deemed the World's #1 Wealth Coach as seen and heard on television, and in radio and print. JT is also a media and TV personality. What is most important to JT Foxx though are his philanthropic endeavors with youth entrepreneurs and kids with cancer. He is currently working on a new business reality show and has completed his widely anticipated book Millionaire Underdog.

George Ross

Right Hand man of Donald Trump for 47 years
JT Foxx’s business coach

George Ross (born January 6, 1928) is a former executive vice president and senior counsel of the Trump Organization. The right hand man of Donald trump for 47 years. He is perhaps best known as one of Donald Trump's two advisors on the NBC reality television program The Apprentice, along with Carolyn Kepcher.

He is also one of JT Foxx’s coaches!

Grant Cardone

Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Real estate investor

Grant Cardone is the bestselling author of The 10X Rule and If You’re Not First, You’re Last as well as a sales trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur who has worked in real estate and the auto industry. Grant Cardone is a real estate mogul who built his $1.2 Billion portfolio of multifamily properties from scratch. Moreover he was named the #1 marketer to watch in 2017 by Forbes Magazine.

Aengus James

Producer of Undercover Billionaire Aengus James is the co-founder + head of This is Just a Test Media. AENGUS JAMES is an award winning television producer and filmmaker. Aengus has  created and directed content for global brands and non-profits that have featured Roger Federer, Amy Schumer, Will Ferrel, Blake Lively, Ann Hathaway, Hannibal Buress, Lionel Messi, among others. Aengus' work has received numerous honors including special recognition from the White House (not the current one) and the the United Nations for raising awareness on issues of importance including veterans mental health and women's healthcare around the world.

Myron Golden

Made $3.8 Million in 27 Minutes from Selling on Stage

Clickfunnels 2 Comma Club X member 
(Made more than $10 million through the software)

Russell Brunson, the co-founder of Clickfunnels mentioned that during Funnel Hacking Live, Russell sold a $18,000 program to 442 people. He had a bet with Myron ahead of time, and told him that if Myron could get another 20-30 sales, that would be amazing. And in 30 minutes, Myron sold the $18,000 program to another 214 people. That’s more than $3 million in additional sales in 30 minutes!

Eileen Wilder

High Ticket Sales Queen

Eileen Wilder is a high-ticket sales expert and virtual events coach, currently making her mark on the internet as the co-founder of several popular online business brands such as Virtual Event Secrets™, Confident Closer®, Two Comma Kit™ and more. Eileen has inspired and equipped thousands of new & established business owners with the sales strategies, tactics and scripts needed to not just sell 6-figures in 60 minutes, but to bring transformation in the transaction.

💰 Her record is selling $500,000 in 60 minutes!

💲 Her first time doing high ticket sales, she made $108,000 in 60 minutes out of a room of 12 people.

Rob Moore

Entrepreneur, Investor, Author of 17 Amazon and Audible Bestsellers, Prolific Podcaster, two-time Public Speaking World Record Holder, Founder of The Rob Moore Foundation    

✅ 600+ podcast episodes ✅ Interviewed 15 billionaires ✅ 9 figures in revenue (training co.) ✅Founder of the Rob Moore foundation ✅Mentor to UK celebrities like Kevin Clifton, & multi-millionaires✅ Became a millionaire at 30 having been an artist £50k in debt 5 years before ✅ Assets Under Management of 850 units of Real Estate together with his business partner. ✅ Built the UK’s largest property training co. Progressive Property (won business of the year 2016)

Katie Kay

Self-made millionaire that built and sold 12 companies by 23 years old

Katie Kay is a serial entrepreneur, investor and coach. Katie built and sold her 12 companies that were doing multiple 7 figures a year in revenue and became a self made millionaire by the age of 23. She now runs multiple companies and teaches other entrepreneurs how to grow, scale and sell strategically.

Ray McLennan

Raised £100 Million GBP for a property developer

Ray McLennan is the owner of a number of businesses and property investment projects, and an authority in raising funds to take investible business ventures forward. He combines an abundance of energy with his extensive business acumen and expertise of finance to successfully match professionals and businesses with angel investment. An avid property enthusiast himself, he recognises that conventional funding isn’t always right – or available – for everyone, and as such, he creates win-win relationships by partnering high net worth individuals with exciting investment projects for reciprocal benefit.

He was instrumental in raising £100 Million for a property developer who wanted to convert commercial buildings into residential buildings. 

Ray McLennan is also the host of the How to Raise Money Podcast and Founder of Homes For Key Workers. Building affordable rental homes for Emergency Services Key Workers.


Dave Seymour

Private Equity Fund Manager

Dave Seymour is the chief executive at Danvers firm Freedom Venture Investments, which has started to raise its first $100 million fund. The host of the A&E reality television show “Flipping Boston” is joined by Florida-based real estate investor Walter Novicki and former Fidelity Investments analyst Eric Wilson.

He is also the business partner of the original shark, Kevin Harrington.

Gabriel Davis Wong

2 Comma Club X Winner($10 million in a year)

Gabriel Wong is a digital marketer and the first Singaporean to win the 2 comma club award from ClickFunnels which means he did more than USD$1 million in sales using the software.

His team and him made SGD$1.15 million in a month DURING the coronavirus pandemic

Joshua B. Lee

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Author, Keynote speaker, Coach, Husband and Father. 

In 2003, Joshua B. Lee built his career in online marketing with clients such as MySpace, Yahoo and Google. Managing over $500 million in advertising spend and controlling over 35 Trillion online impressions. He has built 16 companies from online marketing to coaching to web design and more, but is most passionate about human connections. 

Dr Patrick Liew

Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Author, Speaker

Dr. Patrick Liew MBA, MSc, BSc is the Managing Partner of Global Enterprise Exchange. He is also a founder of Success Resources, arguably the largest seminar organiser in the world and a major shareholder of a company which is listed on the Australia Stock Exchange. Patrick has also established an e-learning company which was rated by Deloitte and Touche as the 11th fastest growing tech company. Previously, he was the Executive Chairman and CEO of a publicly-listed company on SGX-ST. 

He has listed 3 companies in 3 different stock exchanges in his career:
* Gartner Inc ($12.6B in New York Stock Exchange), 
* Success Resources Global (In the Australian Stock Exchange)
* HSR [3Cnergy] ($70.54M in SGX)

Sean Seah 

Value investing trainer

Sean Seah is an Investor and the Author of 3 Best Selling (Kinokuniya and Armour Publishing Best Seller) Personal Finance Books, “Gone Fishing with Buffett”, “Winning the Money Game” and “Financial Joy”.

A Value Based Investor who build up a 7 Figure portfolio
Serial Entrepreneur who set up and sold businesses.
International Speaker at National Achiever's Congress 2013 to 2019.
Guest lecturer at Universities at NTU, SMU, SIM, Yangon University, Beijing University (Ge Ju)
Invited Lecturer at UOB, Lim & Tan, CIMB, SGX
Investor Trainer and Speaker for SIAS

Winston Yap

From Ex-convict into $100 million entrepreneur.

Winston Yap bounced back from having 6 Figures Debt, 44 charges of imprisonment into being an entrepreneur owning multiple million dollar businesses
One Of His Businesses Crossed $100 Million In Revenue During Covid 19 After 6 Years With ZERO Paid Ads.

Jet Toh

Author. Speaker. Entrepreneur.

Jet became a millionaire before hitting 30 and was able to semi-retire at the age of just 35. He has since acquired a portfolio of investment properties. Upon semi-retirement, Jet dedicated himself to sharing his entrepreneurship journey to impact lives around the world.

Andrew Tan

7 Figure E-commerce coach

Andrew started selling products on eBay since 2007. He has since developed a proven system to teach people who have no experience at all to sell products on marketplaces like Qoo10, lazada, taobao and many more. 

Kevin Chiak

Founder of Fitness Movement 

Mr Kevin Chiak is known to many as a body building legend in Singapore. He has been training for 32 years now, and still looks as youthful as ever. He won Mr Singapore and Mr Senior Manhunt and has also founded Fitness Movement with the mission to get more Singaporeans to be involved in health and fitness.

Cayden Chang

CEO of Value Investing Academy

Mr Cayden Chang is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and value investor. He is the founder of MindKinesis and Value Investing Academy, introducing people to value investing. He just organised an Investify Symposium recently with over 600 people attending. 

Michelle Cunningham

Video Marketing Expert

Michelle Cunningham teaches network marketers around the world how to successfully build their business through Facebook parties, home parties and using the power of video.  She has been dubbed “The Queen of Video Branding for Direct Sellers” and teaches others how to “Own Your Awesome” online to have massive impact and success.  

Involved in the industry for over 16 years with the same company, Michelle has earned a six-figure income consistently and led a network marketing team that produced sales in the 8-figures through hosting home parties and Facebook parties. She is known for her playful and simple videos on Youtube and Facebook, which impacts tens of thousands of network marketers across the globe. 

Tony Whatley

Side Hustle Millionaire

🌟 Tony Whatley became known as “The Side Hustle Millionaire” after his book with the same title became a #1 best-seller on Amazon. But, this book title isn’t just fiction; it is based on his actual story. 🌟 Tony once led a successful corporate career for over 25 years, but that is less interesting than the side-businesses that he created, which generated millions in profit. 🌟 As an active entrepreneur himself, he still owns a few businesses. But, his real passion is teaching entrepreneurs how to start, scale, and sell their business, within his podcast and consulting brand 365 Driven. 🌠Community builder of 500K+ members 🌠Built multiple 7-figure businesses 🌠Sold a side business for millions 🌠 Featured on Forbes, Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Parade, Thrive Global and over 300 podcasts

Tessebella Jelten

Did $33 million in Personal sales in real estate in 2018

✨ Founder of Leadflow Agent: Done-for-you social media management service for Real Estate Agents, Brokers and Investors ✨ TBDigital: Direct response marketing agency. Some of her clients include HGTV Stars, 1M+ influencers, Airbnb, EXP & Realty One Group ✨ MySQFT Capital Fund - Real Estate Investing Gone-Green :) 🌟 1200+ agents coached 🌟 $33 million in Personal Residential Real Estate Sales in 2018 (All leads generated from INSTAGRAM + FACEBOOK) 🌟 Nationally Ranked Real Estate Marketing Speaker, Inman, Bigger Pockets, Lab Coat Agents, NAREP + More. 🌟 $18 Million managed Facebook Annual Adspend 🌟Flipped 23 homes as an 18 year old college student at ASU 🌠2019 top Social Media Agency Marketing 🌠2018 Best of our valley - Top Advertising Agency

Magdalèna Kalley

Top Female Hypnotist in America

Magdalèna is the top female hypnotist in America. She’s also a motivational speaker and has helped celebrities and athletes to perform at their A game.

Mike Watts

Done more than $60 Million in sales

Mike Watts is a seasoned entrepreneur with 6 start-up companies totaling over $60mil in sales who did a deal with Daymond John without going on SharkTank. Currently serving as Founder/CEO of LoveHandle USA-made smartphone grips 2-Time Winner of the Aggie 100, Fortune 5000 and regular guest on a variety of entrepreneurship-focused podcasts and broadcasts.

Jeff Brewer

Multi 7-figure Launch Expert

Jeff Brewer is a leading Product Launch Expert and the Founder of Launch Hacker Lab, an online community that teaches entrepreneurs and experts how to increase their income, build a community and have a greater impact in the world by achieving their most successful product launch possible. He launch-hacks the product launches of the top marketers in the world and brings their expert strategies to you, so you can model what works and implement their same strategies in your very own product launch. 

Jim Jordan

Celebrity photographer for Taylor Hill, Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio

• Jim Jordan is an Award winning CEO & world-renowned celebrity fashion lifestyle photographer & director | Represented by CAA • CEO & Founder of White Cross Productions & White Cross Management as well as the global luxury brands White Cross Collections & White Cross Beauty & Cosmetics • CEO & Founder of James Magazine USA, White Cross Magazine, & Major Magazine • Photographer, Director, & Branding Consultant Advisor for clients such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle, Vanity Fair, etc. • Entrepreneur, Advisor & Consultant, Mentor, Guest Speaker, Philanthropist • He has been scouting and developing talent for years and has discovered the most famous faces of our generation. Through @WhiteCrossManagement, he developed supermodels & superstars, such as Taylor Hill, Gigi Hadid, & Jeremy Meeks, to name a few, & foster a large board of talent to global stardom. • He has successfully branded & re-branded billion dollar businesses such as American Express, Mercedes Benz, J. Crew, BMW, Coca Cola, City Bank, Visa, CrossFit, Reebok, Brooks Brothers, & hundreds more. • His photography clientele consists of Hollywood A-listers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Charlize Theron, Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, Kris Jenner, Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian, to name a few

Joshua Jayaweera

600k followers on Instagram and 50 Million+ views on YouTube

Joshua Jayaweera (@jayjaylive) is an international speaker and has been sharing his message for the last 15 years in over 25 countries. He also has over 600,000 followers on Instagram and 50,000,000 views on YouTube. Other than coaching clients to get to the next level, Jay also has a PR and Digital Agency providing INFLUENCE & ATTENTION to get messages seen and heard!

Danielle Haden

Dancer with 236k followers on TikTok

Danielle Haden is a dancer turned entrepreneur that helps artists transition from struggle to fully booked & 6 figures. She has 4.1 Million Likes & 236k followers on TikTok. She has also been featured in Bollywood Movies, Tamil TV, Burj Khalifa Dubai, & Nike & Adidas

Vicky Lau

Celebrity Cosplayer (@vivid_vision) 

🌠 640k followers on Instagram 🌠 460k followers on TikTok 🌠 290k on Twitter🌠 50k on YouTube

Featured on Kotaku, CTV, Global News Network, CBC news, Radio Stations, & Newspapers. 

Vivid Vision is an avid cosplayer with over 15 years of cosplay experience. Since childhood, she has had an interest in Japanese anime and culture. She has immersed herself in the artistry of costume design and creation. She is heavily involved in the anime community and has traveled to numerous anime and video game conventions internationally. She has been invited as a designer three times to showcase her costumes at Western Canada Fashion Week, and also to global conventions such as Canada, USA, China, Mexico, and Germany.

Giselle Ugarte

Marketing director, Motivational speaker, Performance coach

Giselle Ugarte has worked alongside the most kick-ass team of all time every single day at Media Bridge. She also had the honor of screaming and dancing in front of crowds that made her heart explode out of my chest, even sharing stages with thought leaders like Brendon Burchard, Gary Vaynerchuk and Dr. Gabor Maté. 

Joyce Lam

Non-profit Social Entrepreneur

Joyce is a fashion model and she’s also involved in the economic development and social impact space. She founded her nonprofit 2 years ago after traveling and working overseas, realizing the economic inequality that is so prevalent between the lower and upper classes in Los Angeles. She hopes to equip disadvantaged and underserved individuals with the tools necessary to succeed and provide access to economic mobility. Before her nonprofit, she had an e-commerce matcha company and a fashion line. Her background is in finance.

Henry Gold

Internet Marketer for 22 Years

Henry Gold has been running several successful online businesses in many different niches for the past 22 years.  Henry is widely recognized as one of the early pioneers of the Joint Venture give away. He is a master on conversion techniques, Joint venture strategies, business building, Integration marketing, and much more. He has helped over 200+ Internet business owners to build thousands of subscribers in a very short period of time with his famous 117ChristmasGifs. (Now,

Baron K Hopgood

8 Figure Entrepreneur. CBD Industry

Anthony Ortiz

CEO of SmartPlate $15 Mil Valuation Company

Anthony Ortiz is an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur who holds over 10 patents. He’s a 2X CEO, who scaled his first company to millions in revenue and now runs a second valued at over 15 million. He’s been featured in Shark Tank, Forbes, Good Morning America, Times of London and many others. His latest invention, SmartPlate, is the word’s easiest, fastest, and most accurate food tracker on the planet.

WRDE TV Press Release - Alaric Ong interviews the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Marcos Moura, JT Foxx, Grant Cardone, George Ross, Heartlyn Rae (5.7 Million on TikTok) & many other 6-, 7-, 8- & 9-figure entrepreneurs

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