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Testimonial Collage for Alaric Ong

"The Most Electrifying Entrepreneur"

Alaric's Birthday Party


Sean Seah, CEO of Value Investing College with 10,000 students worldwide

Dr Patrick Liew listed 3 companies in 3 different stock exchanges in his career:
* Gartner Inc ($12.6B in New York Stock Exchange),
 * Success Resources Global (In the Australian Stock Exchange)
* HSR [3Cnergy] ($70.54M in SGX)

Cayden Chang, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author and Value Investor.

Kevin Chiak, Former Mr Singapore
Opened his own gyms, Fitness Movement  

Andrew Tan, Ecommerce Expert


The Ultimate Testimonial For 2 Day Social Media Course

Ultimate Testimonial for 1 day Facebook Accelerator Course

Ultimate Testimonial For 3 Hour Facebook Coaching

Property Consultants

Network Marketers
Winston Yap, #1 in Jeunesse in Singapore
Winston is the top leader of Jeunesse in Singapore with over 50,000 distributors under him.
Makes on average $100,000/month actively and at least $50,000/month passively.
Using Alaric's 5 Step Consultation process, he managed to close two $3,400 deals on the same day.
P.S. His brother, Nelson Yap is the owner of Benjamin Barker

Financial Consultants

Lawrence Ee, Master District Director in AIA
40+ years of experience
1 out of 13 Master District Directors in AIA
#1 in AIA for 3 years
MDRT Life member (Minimum 10 Years MDRT in a row)
Pinnacle Club Agency
Trained 12 Directors who set up their own agency

Rated 10/10 Again and Again!!!

Amelia Chew, 6 Years Old

Ibu Ani Udung, 76 years old

John Lim, 68 Years Old

Leonard Png, 19 Year Old Digital Marketer
Total Facebook ads cost: $455 Total Sales in 1 event (3 hours) $10,500 Leonard’s commission: $3,489 That’s a whopping 767% Return on Investment!!

Leonard Png made $11,500 in the first 2 days of August.
$7k on 1 August and $4.5k on 2 August.
He also made five figures in July by running his digital marketing agency 

Shaylynn Yu, Property Investor
Raised SGD$100,000.00 one week after attending the course

Ozan Turay, Digital Marketing Agency Owner (SEO/SEM)
1 day after the course, spent $5USD to get 3 customers.
3 days after the course, closed a deal while talking to a grab driver to sell him a website and SEO package.
Income increased from $10k/month to $30k/month within 3 months after the course

Liaw Sok Har, Events Organiser
Makes $500-$600 for every event that she markets

Alan Jeremiah, Huttons Property Director
One week after the course, he closed a $1.78 million property deal and got $80,000 in commissions.

Angela Oh, Property Agent
Made $50k in a month 10 months after attending the course

Samuel Ong, Facebook Marketer
Made $8,500 in commissions from 3 events
He marketed the events from home without attending any of the events

Raghu Reddy, Sales Trainer
Raghu managed to bring down his cost per lead from $30-40 to $10-15 just by applying the strategies in the Facebook Accelerator course, despite learning from other mentors like Frank Kern and Anik Singal.

John Lim EC, 
Property investor owning multiple properties

Marta Suchanek, Instagram model from Poland with 139k followers

Yuan Tai, Events Marketplace Startup

Jason Wong WR, Financial Services Director
Wrote his own book, has 20k followers on Facebook, Ranked his name on Google

Juswin Lim, Investor and Consultant

Made an extra 5 figures in commissions after using The Apollo Method!

Jelin Tan, Marketer and Business Connector
Made $4k+ within 2 weeks by marketing 3 events.

Wilson Neo, #1 in Manulife
200+ Agents in Singapore
'Alaric Ong with Wilson Neo

Stella Siak, Network Marketer
Texted 15 people and set 4 appointments within 15 minutes

Jacky Santos, Network Marketer
Made $15k of commissions in a month

Chris Chan. Insurance Sales Trainer
Alaric Ong with Samuel Ong and Chris Chan

Joshua Chong, Studentpreneur
Started his own digital marketing agency after the course

Matthew Look, Tuition Teacher
Was completely new to Facebook marketing.
Spent $100 on FB Ads to get 2 clients that pay him $45/hour.
In 1 year, they would pay him $4,000.

10X-ed his money by running Facebook Ads on his first try!

Instructor Gadget, Martial Arts Instructor from Australia

Brandon Wei, 7 Figure Furniture Business Owner
Applied a copywriting technique he learnt from the course and made $7,000 in sales from $200 in ad spend

Julie Low, Cafe owner

Insights of students

Joel Chin, ACJC Student
Makes $10k/month at 21 years old by running a social media marketing agency
4 months after the course

Carloy Molina Alacre, Aspiring Speaker

Learning Game