Testimonials (Written)

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3-4 appointments a day, 6 days a week for 10 months straight.
Enabled me to build a team of 140 people in 10 months

After learning how to set 1-1 appointments, I had to move on to doing events instead because there were too many appointments and it was not possible to meet them 1-1.
Almost 1000 leads within 30 days for my events
My dream is to be a Success Resources speaker

2,362 insurance leads within 3 months

Joel Chin made $21,000 in 2 hours!

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After listening to Millionaire Hypnosis by Alaric Ong


0.66 cents per lead generated.

Angela made $50,000 in a month

Almost a million impressions and 376k people reached using FB ads

$997 deal closed after a 19 minute call. 5 step consult and 10 step pitch

Showing them how to use The Apollo Method to set appointments with strangers from Facebook

They are sending me screenshots so I can show them how to reply

1 day after the course, Ozan spent USD$5 on ads to get 3 customers for his friend
3 Days after the course he closed a Website + SEO package and made $3,000

Facebook ads work for recruitment as well

Winston closed two $3.3k deals within the same day by following Alaric's 5 step consultation process

Met up with 20 over appointments 2 weeks after learning The Apollo Method

Student in UK marketed an event in Singapore
Spent $419 on Facebook ads
Total sales: $4,465
Total commissions $1786
NET PROFIT: $1,367
From less than 2 hours of work

Best part is that she did not even need to attend the event and marketed it from overseas

24 year old Inn Chong did USD$1 Million in commissions after the coaching

Built his whole team from social media and duplicated the apollo method to all of them

Kian Seng closed a deal 3 hours after he attended the course

Facebook page got 2.6k likes right after reading my book "How to use Facebook to promote your business"

Anthony raised $100k after the course
"I cannot give you all money. All I can give you are opportunities and the knowledge on how to capitalise on them.
What you want to do with it is up to you!"

19 year old Leonard making $2,000 in a single day after applying a 5 step consultation process he learned

ATTENTION: Insurance Directors
I’m looking for Insurance directors or managers who want to recruit agents.
My team and I want to collaborate with Insurance directors to help them recruit more agents. We will be generating leads and appointments for you to meet up with potential candidates.
Which means all you would need to do is to meet the recruits and close them to join your team.
A quick background about what will happen when the strategies are implemented:
When I was 19 I built a sales team of 140 people in 10 months. By using the exact same strategies, by the time I was 22, I recruited 400 students within 7 months.
These same strategies when applied would definitely help you grow your agency.
Do help to forward this to your managers or directors in the insurance industry!
Only looking for insurance directors. Not looking for network marketing leaders unless they have the financial budget to invest in recruitment.
We are only going to be working with 3 insurance directors from 3 different companies to prevent conflict of interest.

Insurance Director learnt how to get candidates to pay him to join him
The last 10 years of his career he has been doing it the other way round by paying candidates to join him
He used Alaric's 5 step consultation process and 10 step pitch to convince the candidate to break her bond to join him.

One of his candidates broke a $20k bond, and still paid him $500 to join him.
He used the 5 step consultation process and 10 step pitch to recruit the candidate
It’s messages like that that really keep me going.
I was helping a director to recruit insurance agents. Coached him on how to do a 5 step consultation and 10 step pitch to get people to pay him to join him.
Today, he recruited an agent who is willing to pay $20k to break her bond in order to join him.
Yesterday, in one day, I helped him to set 14 appointments for this week and next. So much so that his schedule is too full right now to squeeze in anymore appointments.
Out of these 14 appointments, 6 of them are with pretty girls. 😍 And every insurance director knows how valuable having a pretty agent on their team is.
It’s the first time in the industry that insurance directors get paid by their agents to join them. Most of the time, they pay their agents to join them.
The reason he engaged my coaching was because when I was 19, I built a sales team of 140 people in 10 months. And he knew that he would be able to apply whatever I had learnt in network marketing into his insurance business.
I always have this concept that I will never pay anyone to work for me. People must pay me to work for me.
Two ways to run a hair salon. 
First way, open a hair salon, employ hair stylists and pay them to work for you. 
Second way, open a hair salon, and charge the hair stylists to rent a seat in your shop. And they still have to pay you a percentage of their profit. 
Which way is better? In the second way, the hair stylists would be more motivated and have ownership over their customers!

When you pay someone to work for you, they think like an employee. When they pay you to work for you, they think like an entrepreneur.
Any entrepreneur knows that they have to put in money before they start a business. I’d rather work with entrepreneurial people.
Until today, together with my team we’ve built the largest Facebook marketing community in Singapore, and I don’t even have a single employee on my payroll.
If you know of any insurance director that wants to recruit more agents, do refer them to me! We’ve got a proven system to acquire agents and be paid in the process!

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